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Educational Tour:


Venue: Nehru Science Center, Mumbai.

Date: Oct, 23, 2008


Educational tour is one of the most effective methods of research, data collection, and learning for all the students of different standards. It is not particularly effective to only school students, college students or university students, but also to every individual knowledge seekers.  

 The educational tour, industrial visit, and research journey is being repeatedly implemented by best colleges to grow their students by positive and practical methods of teaching, by constructive manner of learning and effective methodology of information storing and knowledge seeking.

 I must proudly say that our college is one the same colleges which is always preparing the most valuable teaching platforms for perfect educational growth of students and practical implementation of the subjects, to strengthen the educational power of students and let them experience practically the out put of the topics that they have been learning during their semesters or study years. 

 Therefore, it was, exactly two days after successful termination of college exam, decided to go to educational tour on 23rd of October and visit one of the richest science clubs of India (Nehru Science Center), in Mumbai.

 It was a very blissful moment for me that I signed the list sheet of volunteers going to Mumbai. Because I had never seen the historical city of Mumbai and even I had never gone to such educational tour in my whole study life times with classmates, and teachers. Since I was the only foreign student among my best Indian classmates, it was so especial period in my life to take well preparation of the journey and let it remains as jubilant period in my memorable life in India.

 Start of Tour:

We all gathered at college campus very early at the morning to start a wonderful day and go to an unforgettable educational tour. As it was early morning, we had beautiful time while we were on the way to Mumbai. Every one brought different items for break-fast and it was very especial break-fast for me, because every one was offering me their break-fast food to taste and actually each one was really delicious for me.

  Nehru Science Center:

 We reached our destination Nehru Science Center at 10:45 am and start visiting the center. Indeed, Nehru Science Center is one of the richest science centers among Asian countries. It has different scientific instruments, verity of science exhibits on energy, sound, kinematics, human body, mechanics, heat, transport, music and many more. Since it is the Indian’s largest science center, it has huge number of visitors every day that is why we have to book the tickets at least one week before going there.  

 The show and experiments;

 After visiting different exhibits and different scientific instruments, we have been offered to participate in some natural 3D shows. In fact 3D show brings the pictures as realistic visuals in front of our eyes which have no difference as its natural existence.

 After 3D shows we have been asked to participate in one more experiment which was based on starts in sky along with their attitudes. At last experiment we have been shown some wonderful chemistry experiments which were too much interesting to every one of us. We have been visiting that for almost five hours and taking photos every where in the center.  

 Returning back to Pune;

 Eventually the time didn’t allow us to remain more there and fulfill our thirsty interests with enough experiments. We were supposed to leave the center and come back to Pune. We left the center at 4:50 pm and started our return journey. Al though we had planed to visit some beautiful places in Mumbai but the beautiful environments of Nehru science center impressed us and attracted us to spend more time there which supposed us not to go to other places in Mumbai.

 We reached in our college around 10:00 pm and there fore the beautiful, wonderful, and unforgettable educational journey ended and the memorable time had been completed. Surely it had been a very great time for me and it will always remain as the most pleasant memory for me in my whole life. I would really remember it always with its joys and will miss my lovely Indian classmates, and respectable teachers while returning back to my homeland Afghanistan.     


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